Guidance & Training / Seminars:


For those organisations already using our services, guidance and advice is included in our package. If you need help whether it is with Risk Management Systems, Internal Audit Reviews or a new area you are unsure of, we are here to help.

New audit or review areas are sometimes difficult to understand at first. We can provide background briefings and detailed terms of reference for audits / reviews of new topics. Contact us to find out more...


Training programmes can be delivered through one-off Seminars (described above) or through a series of planned events detailed in a training schedule. A useful programme is our events around risk and risk management. People throughout the organisation may view risk differently, indeed risk may mean different things to different people.

We aim to provide a consistent message to the whole organisation but tailoring each session to the appropriate audience for example Board members, Senior Management and Front Line staff.

We can also provide an Internal Audit Induction Programme for new staff members or top-up training for existing staff.

Let us know what you need and we'll deliver a service that makes a difference!


A range of seminars can be built to your business needs.

General training sessions on risk management, assurance and governance are organised and run periodically - contact us for more information.

Some existing topic areas:
  • Enterprise-Wide Risk Management
  • Assurance - An agenda for everyone
  • Risk - For Everyone
  • Governance, Integrated Thinking
  • Governance, Too Many Committees, Too Much Paperwork!
  • Risk Scoring and Categorisation
  • Risk and Performance
  • Evidence Gathering - The Need to Prove the System
Risk Management:

At Aston Russell we realise that Risk Management isn't always at the top of the corporate agenda. We can build a development programme tailored to your organisations needs so that managing the key risks that threaten or enable the achievement of your core objectives becomes part of your day to day operations as well as part of your strategic direction.

We also provide work programmes for organisations that have fully or partly developed risk processes. In this way we can support your organisation and help it develop.

Alternatively we could just be on hand to provide guidance and training.


With the development of Enterprise-Wide Risk Management, self assessments and the assurance framework; many organisations need to verify that the output to their risk systems and the controls within them are accurate and valid, and that maximum efficiency is attained.

Independent verification is a core role for Internal Audit. Aston Russell can provide this service for you, either as Internal Auditors or from our Consultancy Service. We can provide a 'top-up' service to give additional assurance when your audit plan runs out or if you just need something extra, we can also deliver a full strategic internal audit plan.


Here at Aston Russell we believe in a 'finished job'. Our consultancy service provides just that.

General Consultancy

You can call on us when you need advice and guidance. If you need specific reviews we can draw up a simple job specification or terms of reference and undertake the audit or review quickly and within a given budget so that you get results when you are expecting them.

Is there a specific piece of analysis you need to do but just haven't got time - We can be there to help!

Risk Management

Our Risk Management Consultancy service gives us the flexibility to provide guidance and advice on risk management whether it is on your current risk processes, a particular area you have concerns over or general /specific training needs. Quite often, audit coverage looks at specific areas of risk but does not assess the robustness of the risk management system and how well it is operating throughout the organisation from top management and the Board to front line staff. Aston Russell can undertake a complete risk process review and support you thereafter to develop a complete holistic risk management system.


What is a Strategy? Most times it is just a document that tells us where we are and where we would like to be, the Board have seen and approved it, but it remains just a document sitting on a shelf. A Strategy should however be so much more... We can help you develop your strategy and the way forward to meet it. Whether it is a departmental or organisational strategy, it needs to be embedded and it needs to include appropriate methodologies and performance measures to help you achieve and monitor it. Contact us to discuss your needs...


With the prominence of key business failures and the development of new statutory guidance around governing organisations, ensuring that you have the correct structures and support systems as the foundation of your organisation has never been so important. Our consultancy service can review your current systems and provide you with independent assurance on how well your organisation is governed. We can also present you with workable developments so that your governance arrangements are integrated and robust.

Internal Audit:

Do you need a full Internal Audit Service, just a few audits to top up your existing service or a stand-in member of staff, Aston Russell can fulfil your requirements. Our service is tailored to the risks of your organisation so that you receive maximum benefit from our work. Using a risk based audit methodology we will review the systems of control in place to manage your risks and opportunities and produce meaningful, useful audit reports to help you maximise your strengths and minimise any weaknesses.

Effectiveness / Business Solutions:

Economy, Efficiency and Effectiveness, the 3 Es is something we hear little of these days; it's mostly in text books. However this is exactly what we need from our business solutions. Our experienced staff can assess your business needs and help to develop economic solutions to difficulties you may be facing so that your business process is both efficient and effective. We also apply these principles to our other work in risk management, internal audit and consultancy so that you get best value from our input.

If you would like to find out more you can Contact us by phone, mobile, fax, email or by completing just a few details on our contact us page and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.
Risk Management
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